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Inventory CV

An inventory CV is similar to a generic CV, in that it usually involves a very general overview of your career history.
Like generic CVs, and inventory CV lists general work experience and career history, but in more detail than a typical generic CV. In fact some inventory CVs can be quite long - Far too long in fact.


Inventory CV Advice

All in all, and inventory CV is usually quite general, and the opposite of a targeted CV.
Some recruiters don't mind inventory CVs, in fact some recruiters even encourage them, as it gives them extra matches on their job matching software.

However, this doesn't make much sense a lot of the time because inventory CVs do not hold much sway with employers, and are usually a lot less effective than targeted CVs of a better length.

This stands to reason because employers tend to prefer specialists to jacks of all trades. This is actually quite common knowledge yet, strangely enough, some recruiters advise candidates to do the opposite of what employers are looking for.

If you intend to use recruiters as part of your job application methods, then this is something you should bear in mind because not all recruit advice is good. Indeed, some of it is positively counter-productive.

Inventory CV Advice Article Author

This advice on inventory CVs is based on extracts from a CV book by our senior consultant, Paul.
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